GoDaddy’s shared server v/s grid-based hosting

I have a GoDaddy shared hosting account that I usually use for hosting personal website (i.e. this one) and a few other websites for friends and family. A portion of TeaBreak’s website is also hosted on the account (TeaBreak is … Continue reading

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Migrating posts from my old blog

Last week I realized that almost all the links and inbound traffic from Google on my website were resulting in a 404: Page not found. The reason was straight-forward, all my old posts weren’t there! So over the weekend I … Continue reading

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Version controlling WordPress

Since the time I discovered the full potential and benefits of using version control systems like SVN or Git, my inclination towards using them has transformed into a full-blown addiction. I use it for everything — projects, websites, documents or … Continue reading

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Let’s go with WordPress

If you’ve coded your own CMS — you’ve to overcome your ego, your stubbornness and your obsession when its time to say goodbye to it and go for a better alternative. That’s sort of what happened to me. Continue reading

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Cloud-based Software Architecture

WHAT IS A CLOUD-BASED SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE? A cloud is a metaphor that is used to depict the notion of “Internet” and everything included in it. It includes websites, web services, protocols, machines, hosts, clients, etc. [4] Cloud computing in simple … Continue reading

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PHP Function to extract anything between two tags

Here’s a small snippet of code that I use very frequently when parsing out webpages or content for specific items. For example on any webpage you need to extract data which is present like this: <html><body><h1>ABC</h1>…. <!– A lot list … Continue reading

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