PTCL Internet / DSL / IPTV and the recent package!

PTCL since after its privatisation has gained a lot of momentum and has launched quite exciting services. PTCL launched its DSL operations sometime back and has recently reduced their rates quite dramatically. It has created a buzz and people are seriously thinking about switching to PTCL. I haven’t used or experienced their internet connectivity personally so I can not comment about the quality of service in great detail. Perhaps someone among the dear visitors can provide us some valuable feedback and insight.

Anyway, coming back to the recently announced rates by PTCL for their Broadband connection, the charge schedule go this way:

512 kbps for Rs. 1199 a month
1 mbps for Rs. 1999 a month
2 mbps for Rs. 4999 a month

This seems like an amazing drop and on the surface looks to be quite competitive. Coupled with free installation, free modem and unlimited bandwidth — and ofcourse the added benefit and facility of having the DSL charges billed with the PTCL phone bill — is making PTCL stand out from the crowd at the moment.

However, I believe one department that seriously needs attention is PTCL’s customer care. There have been numerous occassions and news regarding the poor performance and troubleshooting when an instance arises. Nevertheless, Pakistan ISP industry is up for some interesting turns.

For more details on PTCL’s internet / DSL and broadband — please visit:


Next in line from the PTCL is the IPTV. PTCL is to launch an IPTV service. According to the website the features include:

• Broadcast and specialty TV channels
– Digital Broadcast TV
– Pay-per-view (PPV)
– Community TV
– Video-on-demand (VoD) and subscription VoD

• Personal Video Recorder (PVR)
– The ability to record your favorite programs without the need of a video recorder

• Time Shifted TV
– The ability to be able to see a live program from where you left it

• Directed advertising
– The ability to receive specific adverts for products that you are interested in buying

• Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)
– The ability to see listing of programs times for any channel

• And many more mouth watering features

The combination of PTCL IPTV, Broadband and voice services (‘Tripleplay’) on one pipe will enable you to enjoy more convenience in shapeof
– Smart Home services (wireless networking, tele-metering, security system)
– Gaming
– Interactive services
– SMS/voice integrated applications

Let’s see how they roll things out…..

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