A few projects that I have worked on in my spare time (outside of hired work, contract and employment):

FuzedCore is a PHP framework. It is a light-weight, object-oriented, pull-based View-Controller framework.

Read more is a deployment and configuration engine for PHP applications (e.g. WordPress). It is a collection of trivial perl and shell scripts to check code out from VCS and apply desired configuration set (devo, prod).

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SMS Cast is a Java REST service to schedule outgoing SMS messages. The engine dynamically selects the appropriate gateway to use for the SMS (choice between cost or reliability). It supports Twilio, Tropo and Nexmo.

Read more is a Pakistani blog aggregator that features automatic post categorization and tagging.

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InDash features a dashboard for your incoming text messages and helps you quickly setup keyword-based SMS auto-responders. It currently supports Nexmo SMS Gateway for Incoming SMS Messages.

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