FuzedCore – PHP Framework

What is FuzedCore?

FuzedCore is a PHP framework that I’ve built. It is not strictly an MVC (however, you can easily use the pattern). The framework uses a VC pattern where you include a file to bootstrap the page with the framework. It encourages a pull-based approach where a page pulls in information, modules and helper libraries that it needs from the framework.

It is completely object-oriented and it doesn’t impose any stringent conventions, patterns or requirements. This makes it really fluid and easy to integrate in any application. Of course, like any other framework it handles most of the common annoyances (e.g. authentication, page security, input sanitization, database connections, singleton objects handling, logging, templating, etc.) unobstrusively and pretty much automagically.


In 2003, I created a very trivial PHP framework with a CMS function. I used it extensively for freelance and other contract projects, and back in the day, it worked very well for rapid site development.

I used to maintain it when using PHP was a major part of my day job. But over the years I swayed my focus away from PHP and so the framework started to accumulate rust and started to decay as I wasn’t maintaining it.


Last month I thought to polish it up and bring it back to life. It has been roughly four years since I did any work on the framework so I ended up almost re-writing the whole framework.

New Architecture

As mentioned, FuzedCore is a very light-weight and very flexible framework. To start and integrate the framework, all you need to do is create a simple PHP page and include a single kick-start file at the top of the page. That’s it. Framework automatically initializes itself. Here’s a diagram showing what it does:



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