“Subtle” workplace RSI prevention ideas

You may not be a “bad-ass” software engineer but if you day job involves working with computers then you should be taking workplace ergonomics and RSI related injuries very seriously. Now just to be clear the purpose of this post is not to lecture you on how important RSI stuff is; there already are gazillions of articles on the internet only a Google search away for that. But what I am going to tell you are a few “very innovative” concepts and ideas to bring your musculoskeletal and locomotor systems in motion while you are at your workplace.

Disclaimer: I must mention that I do not take any responsibility for any repercussions that you might find yourself in, as a direct or indirect consequence of following these advices.

As you know, experts highly recommend that you should take breaks from computer activity every so often. Some experts suggest a 10-minute break after every two hours of computer activity. The question which then becomes important is that what do you do in your 10-minute breaks? You can go off for a cuppa or a game of pool or table tennis or just wander around purposelessly. I think you can actually make good use of that time and do something much more worthwhile.

To demonstrate what I have in mind, I recommend you watch the following clip and mimic it during your breaks. Even better if you can do so arbitrarily, randomly and spontaneously every so often:

The exercise above is pretty sweet! It will definitely exercise most of your muscles after you spend hours stubbornly working on your desk. It will also lift your spirits up. Do give it a try sometime.

If this is not your cup of tea, and you need to exercise your wrist and fingers locomotor system – I have just the right one for you. Its entertaining and awesome:

Alright, if you are taking all of this as a joke, here’s something on a more serious side:

I do love one of the comments on the video, that goes like:

Anyway, I hope you give one of these a try and I will be keen to know how it went down for you. Be sure to leave your comments below.

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