When I dumped the previous version of my website (on 22/Jan/2011) I promised not to follow the conventional web development approach and I explained this fantasy in my post here. I also thought it would be cool (well, sort of) to publish snapshots of progress as I go along building up the new web presence.

So, here we are. I am going to publish screenshots of FuzedBulb and document them as I move forward. In my opinion it’s an excellent way to substantiate giving up web development for good. Why? Because you can look back and be like:

“Hey, you know what – after 2 years of completely dedicated, hyper-active and intensive work – the website is still pathetic. You suck!”

Yeah, I know 2 years is a little unrealistic for a personal website. Let’s make it 5.

And talking about progress, as you all can see I haven’t made any with the new version (yet) so I will start by publishing snapshots of previous versions — just for fun. And if you’re interested, here’s where I am keeping a change log.

2012 (… and progressing)

[04/APR] Added a vector based header.


[02/APR] Added some color.

[19/FEB] Gave up on Thematic Framework (I found it ridiculously over-complicated for my taste). I picked up the default theme that comes with WordPress 3 (Twenty-Ten) and started modifying it and here’s what I have so far (can you actually recognize that it’s the default WP theme?):

[13/FEB] Enabled Thematic framework. Will build a child theme using this framework.

[06/FEB] Bare wordpress installation — amazing!

Offloaded the website and replaced it with a placeholder.




2005/06 (Inner pages)