Conducting an A/B Experiment: TeaBreak’s Homepage

Following our media partnership with Newsline Magazine recently, we found the need to re-arrange TeaBreak’s homepage. We decided to go for a ‘sectioned’ layout, i.e. the home page should feature selected sections or categories (like Politics, Business, etc.) along with their latest … Continue reading

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Google accounts cockup

I started using Google Apps for my domain ( a few years ago, but before I migrated to Google Apps, I was already using a number of other Google services like Analytics, Adsense, Docs, etc. which I signed up, ofcourse, … Continue reading

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“Subtle” workplace RSI prevention ideas

You may not be a “bad-ass” software engineer but if you day job involves working with computers then you should be taking workplace ergonomics and RSI related injuries very seriously. Now just to be clear the purpose of this post … Continue reading

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Upgrading WordPress: A breeze thanks to version control

In my previous post Version controlling WordPress, I discussed my strategy to organize WordPress-based projects using version control (Subversion in my case). The idea was to make WordPress and plugin upgrades easy enough especially when you are running multiple WordPress based … Continue reading

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Running Spring app in Google Appengine

I was playing around with Spring MVC framework and wanted to test it on Google’s AppEngine. (GAE). I found out that the process is not as straight forward as I thought. I was following this article here to configure spring for … Continue reading

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Polish spam posts on WordPress

The other day I was going through TeaBreak’s headlines on my Google Reader (which, by the way, you guys can follow and sync up with all the awesome things I share) and I came across a polish post. Yes, a … Continue reading

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