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TeaBreak’s Promo Video

I am sharing another attempt at FX and animation, this time for TeaBreak.pk. I composed the music first and modeled the animation on it. Here’s the outcome:

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Conducting an A/B Experiment: TeaBreak’s Homepage

Following our media partnership with Newsline Magazine recently, we found the need to re-arrange TeaBreak’s homepage. We decided to go for a ‘sectioned’ layout, i.e. the home page should feature selected sections or categories (like Politics, Business, etc.) along with their latest … Continue reading

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Polish spam posts on WordPress

The other day I was going through TeaBreak’s headlines on my Google Reader (which, by the way, you guys can follow and sync up with all the awesome things I share) and I came across a polish post. Yes, a … Continue reading

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Version controlling WordPress

Since the time I discovered the full potential and benefits of using version control systems like SVN or Git, my inclination towards using them has transformed into a full-blown addiction. I use it for everything — projects, websites, documents or … Continue reading

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TeaBreak Server Blues…

TeaBreak.PK website and server is the busiest I have ever managed after the FAST-NU Karachi one. Ayaz, in both cases has been the go-to-guy and the server Admin. He is one Server / Linux guru and is an expert in … Continue reading

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Launching of the TeaBreak 2.0!!

19th June 2008. Shahzad calls me up and says “Dude, Tea Break is ready!”. If I wouldn’t have recalled the context (yes! I happen to be in this bad habit) I would have been like “Huh!! Dude? What the … … Continue reading

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